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I am talented in various things, writing, painting, memorizing, communication, Ianguage, spelling, english, brainstorming and giving idm an expert in writing, giving advice, english, brainstorming, generating ideas, language, and communication.

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I am ready with my idea, I will only need an opportunity to deal with it. I am waiting for a chance so that I could work on my idea to create it. Just an chance is all I need to round up my idea.

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I am an extrovert student and I always love to share my ideas and goals with my teachers and classmates. I am very passionate about my goals and my plans. Whenever I set any goal in my life, I always complete it from my heart. Nothing can come between my goals and plans and no one can stop them. In my opinion being passionate about your goals, your plans is very important as it leads you to success. It is a key of success which can be only earned when you are passionate about something, when you do that task from your heart. I am a that kind of person who are always willing to do everything, they love expressing their ideas and create new projects. They enjoy everything they do that’s why they are always the spotlight of people. I think my biggest key to success is me being passionate. I have won many medals and certificates but I still have passion to create many projects and to use my ideas creatively and innovatively.

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Hania Hashmi