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Hanifa Salim Shaaban is young and passionate about the well-being of her community she is living. Aged 27 years, Hanifa has been exposed to the world of change markers in 2018 when she joined a YALI Regional Leadership Training at Nairobi, a president Obama Initiative to train young people to transform the generation of leaders in Africa. While at Nairobi, she learns design thinking as a best way of solving community challenges and spearheading transformations.
Through this idea of Travel for Impact, Hanifa believes that, people are travelling the world, enjoying and making a lot of fun, while travelling the world they can still give hopes to the needy, embrace human connection and leave a legacy. Her ideas of travelling for impact is aiming at combining adventure with social impacts through providing knowledge, skills and transform the livelihood while learning language culture from one another.
Having business and marketing degree, Hanifa has been working with young people in Zanzibar to help realize and utilize their potentials, where she is currently volunteering as a Membership Coordinator with Pamoja Youth Initiative.
She has also worked with young girls through Girls for Change Initiative, a grass root organization working to equip young girls and women with knowledge and skills to fight against gender based violence and empowering them with entrepreneurship skills.
Hanifa’s life mission is to see African youth have access to knowledge, human rights so that they can contribute to poverty reduction.

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