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My name is Haoua Moussa Dan Malam, I ‘m single, of Nigerienne nationality, aged 22.
Passionate about education, I got my bachelor’s degree from the first class.

I hold a degree in Human Nutrition in Public Health Practice with honors, a Diploma in Projects Management.
I have several certificates under my belt, including Leadership, Business & Entrepreneurship, Participatory Evaluation Collaborative Projects, Etc. I evolve in several associations both national and international.

I am setting up the first nutrition-dietetics / Agro firm in West Africa.
Dakar Regional Training Center for Leadership, Dakar Regional Leadership Initiative for Youth Leadership Initiative (YALI Dakar CRL) for training in CIVIC LEADERSHIP.
My path was very rich in experience. When I was a child, my parents made sure that I got the best education both academic and social. They have always supported and encouraged me, because I know early on that I wanted to become in life and with clear goals to get there.
Today it is a life that I excited life simply because I am trying to fulfill my mission.
I am among those who think that everything deserves in life.

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Haoua Moussa Dan Malam