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Thu Ha Pham


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TEDU - The 1st Online Sex Education Platform in Vietnam

TEDU is a website which supplies a full study course about sex education knowledge for students at different ages. With 2 packages of service: Personal package and Education package for school, TEDU aims to replace real teachers at school in this sensitive subject in Vietnam. Each TEDU user can access the learning course designed specifically for their age, with video lesson, article, and interactive game. Each lesson is followed by a quiz that students must complete, and each course is concluded with an online test. The quiz and test result will be sent directly to the teacher in charge in each class or each school. So the teachers role is only to track students performance and assure that all students in class participate in the online course. TEDU user also can access to online advisor to talk, ask and get advice about their problem at puberty age. With this highly feasible idea, TEDU won the 3rd prize in the Mekong Business Challenge 2013/2014 after defeating hundreds of business models from teams of 6 countries in Mekong region. - Target market TEDU has 2 main target customer groups: The middle and high school in big city in Vietnam, and the parents whose children are in puberty age. - Special feature competitive advantage TEDU uses internet to save cost and the saving benefits is transfer to target customers. Furthermore, the online content is more effective in delivery the sensitive knowledge. Human cost is also low because the business model requires only few specialists to solve problem and gives advice for huge amount of users through online channel. In addition, TEDU has the first mover advantage, the online content, relationship with schools and brand recognition usually take a long time to build. This criterion makes the business become hard to copy by competitors.

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