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I do not own any formal education on any expert skills, nor i possess uncanny talent. I am just a man with a vision.

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everybody's cooperation and clearsightedness on the future i am trying to lie path for the country

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I have always been a curious thinker on life. My family background is not of an intellectual one that does encourage stimulating topic as I found out later as I grew up. The lack of nurturing in my childhood had made me hate myself for inadequately preparing for future. Everybody deserves a figure that can and will be make impact in preparing them in terms of education.
Travelling the world has certainly gained myself a different precious lens, that not everybody may have it until much later years. Emerging as much analytical and observed man at the end of the trip, I am confident of myself t be able to tackle everything on my way. Eking out with little is the trademark skill of a backpacker.

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Hardi Njo


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Moving Lab

Promoting STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics) in Indonesia, where the vast land limits the outreach of education to the rural areas. Rural schools, away from modern Indonesia, is the main victim of lack of budgets as many urban cities received more entitlements and attentions. The rural schools, therefore, may have to compensate by opting out for expensive facilities over overhead within the limited budget. The school is forced to create a syllabus or offer subjects based on the availability of the facilities. This not only spell a less adept students from the schools as compared to the fortunate urban school students, but also the inevitable inadequateness for their seek for employment in the future. Moving Lab was conceived to address such issues. A specially designed vehicle will be dispatched to different rural schools, with specific laboratory classroom inside. The aim of the Moving Laboratory Programme is to supplement teachers with the A&E Apparatuses and Equipments required to complement their lessons, of which may be unavailable due to the budget constraint. This in turn will improve the teaching quality of that particular school. A part of a subject, a module or a supplementary course could be conducted in the room. The programme will cover Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Computer related subjects. Moving Lab will provide supplementary training to educators in order to improve their competency as well as boosting their confidence on the proficiency on using the A&E. This is the beauty of the Moving Lab which is to render the equipments that bound to collect dust obsolete, which will allow the precious budget to be chanelled to recruit talents.

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