July 1, 2014 20:29

you have got my vote mate. i think what you are doing is really cool. another TED like to be
hardi njo

Comment on: Moving Lab
June 12, 2014 18:17

hey isabella, thank you for your comment.

my definition of rural school will be anything that is outside the greater city area. to be exact, any school that do not enjoy the benefit of facilities are categorised as our target. since most of them are from rural, it is safe to say rural areas.

the purpose of the moving lab is to bring the laboratory classroom to the school who do not already own one. special arrangement has to be made for students who wants to have an extra lesson, which is very much encouraged. obviously this will be done under the lab supervisor supervision.

anything that encompasses STEM can be classified as our tools of teaching laboratory. as it has been mentioned the variety of laboratory lesson will be available to the schools, depending on the syllabus they chose. it is sad to say indonesia's national syllabus is still developing, and no definite syllabus is adopted for the entire education system.
the chemical hazards will be transported according to the safety procedure, as how it was delivered to the moving lab.

the condition of the road, i must say, will be something beyond our control. knowing the speed of how the government handle domestic affairs, it is wise to say that, waiting for the best infrastructure for moving lab truck to travel on will be a long affair. But this defnitely has not been overlooked, and the design of the vehicle itself will be made to be able to handle the terrain.

thank you isabella for your feedback. i hope i have answer your questions satisfactorily.

hardi njo

Comment on: Moving Lab
June 12, 2014 09:33

thats the spirit man, every drop of my blood believes it will, if its given a chance

June 12, 2014 09:26

hey atone, i really like the idea of yours. you are the fire of boswana. you have my respect