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AS a Knowledge Engineer & AI Researcher Combine both my interests in learning more about applied computer science as well as investigating cognitive processes.

Complementing my strong academic performance and my advanced skills in leadership and communication. In several of the projects during my Professional Career, Iam currently working as the Mentor responsible for building and leading our I-CACE project team. Iam responsible for not only my mathematic area of expertise, but also distributing project assignments and responsibilities as well as governing interpersonal relationships.

By donating my time as the chief Mentor of the IBF Labs, I learned to
understand how emotions, especially enthusiasm, can motivate others. My task was to represent my study program and to convince prospective employees of the Organisation excellence. Through my discussion with these eager Collegues, I learned much about different cultures. Furthermore, I helped people to overcome their insecurities by exchanging experiences and sharing my first impressions. Throughout my service, I successfully helped my organisation understand the benefits of my study program by giving presentations, Desigining White Papers and one-on-one interviews.

My focus on developing “Integrated Community Acceleration Center of Excellence” as a tool for developing
highly-competent work force and predicting changes in the labor market”.
In one of my Research’s, “Social Psychology,” I attended a seminar by
Professor Dr. A.P.J Abdulkalam on vision 2020,& I had the chance to read an article,“Vision 2020.” I really enjoyed it, and it gave me many ideas for my
future research.The most inspiring other work was Edward A. Feigenbaum “Computers and Thought”. Computers and Thought showcases the work of the scientists who not only defined the field of Artificial Intelligence, but who are responsible for having developed it into what it is today. Originally published in 1963, this collection includes twenty classic papers by such pioneers as A. M. Turing and Marvin Minsky who were behind the pivotal advances in artificially simulating human thought processes with computers.Among the now hard-to-find articles are reports of computer programs that play chess and checkers, prove theorems in logic and geometry, solve problems in calculus, balance assembly lines, recognize visual temporal patterns, and communicate in natural language. The reports of simulation of cognitive processes include computer models of human behavior in logic problems, deciding on common stock portfolios, and carrying out social interaction. Models of verbal learning behavior, predictive behavior in two-choice experiments, and concept formation are also included.

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