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Angling Sustainability

The main objective of my idea is entrepreneurial sustainability which comes by the means of harvesting rainwater and employing village ponds for the use of fish farming specially in areas which are land locked and receive irregular rainfall. Fallow and salty lands which are unfit for agriculture and pieces of land which have undulating topography and are at a level lower than the surroundings can be put to this use. An entrepreneurial venture into this area requires very less capital and a rudimentary knowledge base. Freshwater fish has a high demand world over and such a venture holds the potential in foresight of processing it and exporting across borders. This although basic, holds the potential of emancipating the rural poor especially in developing and under developed countries. And as a supplement to ecology it shall provide a healthy ecosystem to numerous niches. To prevent the percolation of water plastic sheets can be used both for the base as well as covering the pond creating green house effect and avoiding evaporation. It seems to be a win win situation, the viability of which I'm researching in the state of Punjab, India which as a research paper has been selected for presentation at the global business sustainability conference 2014 in Michigan, USA to be held from 23rd to 26th September, 2014.

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