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Haruka Ka


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Give and Give

This new service I am proposing is called give and give, instead of give and take. Simply put, this service allows the realization of two things: helping and connecting with people nearby, and help fund initiative in ways other than donation. First part: helping people nearby As an internet application service, how it works is that first, the app allows you to register your abilities. This app will tract your location, and whenever someone nearby needs help that requires your ability, the app will alert you. For example, I would register my ability as English and Japanese language fluency. Say I am at Tokyo station, and someone nearby needs English translation. By using this app, the person in need of help can ask for help through the app, which would alert people nearby like myself, with the required ability. Second part: give and give The service does not end here. The person who helped someone nearby with the help of the app, will be given points. With the earned points, you can use them to contribute to initiatives in crowdfunding websites.

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