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special education specialist with master's degree. skilled also in environmental management through my earned bachelor's degree in special education and Geography, well vested in information communication and technology, I have skills in project management, monitoring and evaluation. Am a talented leader hence am the Executive Director for Zambia Foundation for Disability Awareness Organization.

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Hastings Simoonga was born in 1993 of 13th September in a small village of Kaumba in Monze District of Zambia. he started his school in 2002 at a small government primary school where he did his primary education until 2008 when he went to Rusangu Basic school where he did his Basic education from 2009-2010. He went to monze Boarding School in 2011-2013 where he completed his secondary education. in 2014, he went to the University of Zambia where he studied his bachelor’s degree in Special education and Geography where he completed in 2018 with upper merit. whilst at the University of Zambia, became a leader of geography association where he served as the vice-president in 2018. After completing school, he started writing the organizational documents with intent to create employment opportunities for the people and also help persons with disabilities to be accepted in various societies as the anchorage of the organization. in 2020, the organization was successfully registered with Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities and the organization was called Zambia Foundation for Disability Awareness Organization. Now the organization is still struggling to find funders to make it’s dreams become a reality.

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Hastings Simoonga