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Ha Nguyen


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Fresh UP camping

We might never deny the important of young citizens in every society. However, many Vietnamese youngsters have tended to adopt culture from other countries in a misleading way. This fast-integrated process has made their life hurried and they accidentally lost the value of life. The social interaction between people has also deteriorated sharply. Meanwhile, whether Vietnam flourish depends on the communitys unity. From my own experience when I got trouble and do not know how to solve it, I had an idea to build up a healthy community where Vietnamese young people can rely on and support each other. Through the camping at the weekend, we have opportunities to come closer to nature; share our lifes problems. Therefrom, we can nurture and encourage our humanity gradually. We will not feel lost anymore and participate in activities that will bring out the latent power of individuals. Moreover, I will invite many foreigners (or English native speakers) to attend Fresh Up. They definitely want to discover Vietnamese culture via traveling and communicating with the local people. On the other hand, the Vietnamese youngsters will also have much more chance to pratice speaking English with them.

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