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Philosophy and Civic Management

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Partners, Creative thinkers and Social Entrepreneurs.

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I am Itunuoluwa Emmanuel Adel, a Nigerian born in Lagos State and presently living in Ibadan Nigeria. I am a Social Entrepreneur whose sole aims and objectives is to be an agent of permanent positive change in the society.

I am the Team Lead and Brand manager of Microfacts CONSULTS, a consulting firm specialized in offering Life Coaching and Motivational Publishing and training both online and onsite across Africa.

I also founded the Metro Potters Networks, a network of people whose agenda is to transform the society through the utilisation of the power of their citizenship.
I am Philosopher and Public Administrator by academic qualification.

I have published over 200 articles and made over 10 podcasts which are available on the best internet radios across the world.

I have been privileged to speak and motivate students in some universities across Nigeria.

My objective for humanity is simple, to speed up our evolution and give us a social balance that would help us attain a societal healthiness.

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Adelowo Itunuoluwa Emmanuel