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Lisa Maida


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Helius - "Illuminating Entrepreneurial Development"

The primary purpose of Helius is to provide business training and coaching to Necessity Driven Entrepreneurs, or NDEs. Helius is an entrepreneurial consulting company specializing in Necessity-Driven Entrepreneurs. NDEs are individuals who, due to a variety of reasons ranging from minor criminal records, mental or physical disabilities, a lack of education and more, who are unable to find traditional employment. These individuals create work for themselves through entrepreneurship. The training takes the form of 6, once-per-week classes offered at a affordable price. Additionally, services will be provided to help NDEs and other members of the community to build their business plans, prepare to speak to investors, and grow their businesses through the available one-on-one coaching. We would like to gain strong traction in the Durham, NC community - and eventually be able to replicate the model in areas of need across the country.

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