June 13, 2020 08:13

What a brilliant idea, I also want to implement the use of clean energy(solar), saves cost, protects the environment and provide conducive serene atmosphere for the farmers and surrounding communities. A question crossed my mind, will the farmers with little or no knowledge about solar energy distribution, are they going to maintain the solar panels by themselves?, kindly reach out to me. I am in love with this project especially when it involves solar energy.

Comment on: EDUheal
June 8, 2020 18:46

@blossom excellent work, that idea is perfection at its best, so I look forward to it. However have you put any schematics in place to facilitate this project?.

Comment on: Green Transformation
June 8, 2020 18:42

@Yafika Nkhowani this is absolutely amazing, I really love that four pillars of your project, I really want us to work together as your goals are similar to mine. Nice project. Do you already have an NGO?.

Comment on: Preventing pandemics
June 7, 2020 19:36

Sure, with this project to gain grounds it's emerging is at the right time, I strongly believe we can prevent pandemics as such of which we are all experiencing now, great project, looking forward to its exposure to the world.

Comment on: Curriculum Vitae
June 7, 2020 19:33

It's a very nice project, plus I love the concept of volunteering and it also has to do with academic, I love it, I also love to volunteer and we could incorporate together.