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Hikmat Khansa


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Second Chance

Second Chance is an innovative social business project that aims to give a second chance for unemployed women to be independent, for clothes to be renovated and for people to recycle, donate and change their mindset about secondhand clothes. We aspire to establish a store managed by underprivileged women who will redesign and sell vintage products in affordable prices. 1-We will collect donated clothes. 2-We will train unemployed women to become professional tailors. 3-We will provide these women with utilities to renovate the clothes. 4-Finally, we will sell these clothes in our store and online. So far, we have carried out a comprehensive feasibility study and accordingly designed a budget proposal and a business plan to potential investors in a group of 10 students; tested the idea through the implementation of a 3-month pilot project and organized a 10-day workshop where 5 unemployed ladies participated and were taught basic sewing skills by a professional tailor.

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