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Participatory governance; Agri-business; Gender and WEE; Research; Project Management

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Funding and training to improve the business model

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I have more than 15 years of work experience in international development agencies (Swiss, Swedish, Norwegian, English, and American) involved in promoting political, economic, social and cultural development, of which 7 years in program/projects management positions. I also provides independent consultancy services (conducting baseline studies, mapping studies, diagnostic and market studies and facilitating trainings). This experience made her particularly expert at:

• Designing, planning and coordinating the management of development programs/projects/portfolios in a results-oriented approach and sensitive to gender and the environment;
• Monitoring and evaluation of development programs /projects including knowledge management;
• Promotion of Sustainable Agribusiness; and
• Facilitation of community-based trainings (organizational development and strategic planning, participatory governance, women empowerment, youth empowerment, creation and expansion of small businesses and financial management)

However, during my work history I have been frustrated frequently by lack of access to key updated information to inform development interventions effectively and weak coordination in development research in Mozambique. There is a popular say indicating that “changes start from us”, so I have decided to play my role.

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Hirondina Tavasse C. Mondlane