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Even before his studies, I was interested in new technologies and the associated start-up scene. I was able to gain my first professional experience in the start-up field at the company reBuy reCommerce in Berlin. In Berlin, the start-up center of Germany, I was able to further develop my mentality and ambition. After quick successes in reBuy’s category management, I also got the responsibility for campaign management. I was so fascinated by the dynamic start-up scene that I also became more and more involved in founding companies in my private life.

In the following year, I sought cultural experiences abroad. I spent half a year in Hong Kong to learn about the culture of the country as well as the economic realities of an emerging market. At Lingnan University in Hong Kong, I took courses such as Entrepreneurship and Finance and worked on large strategic projects in a fictional environment with my multicultural fellow students.

In the next move, I decided to write my bachelor thesis in product and project management at Robert Bosch AG in Switzerland. International negotiations, product launches and close customer contact were just some of the tasks I completed with flying colors. However, corporate life opened my eyes and made my dream of owning my own company grow even further. I fulfilled this dream in January 2021 with Hoodty. I immediately put together a team of trusted and knowledgeable friends who supported me in my idea.

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Dennis Kapitanov


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