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Hrvoje Karajković


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The idea behind Naturap is to have an application that would have verified data about the natural beauties of Croatia in the modern and new surrounding of the 21 century. This modern environment, full of technology and information but also isolation is such that it imposes increasingly a requirement of harmonisation between nature and it's environment, people, who often harm the balanced relationship. Naturap doesn't harm nature, it informs which is the first step towards the recognition of the importance of nature and its subjects animals, plants and fungi that allow us to live even in these modern times. We also believe that besides the environmental side there is an educational side for the young as well as older people so that they can learn through play and exploration of the beautiful Croatian parks the values of the protected natural locations . To reiterate, Naturap will have a database of flora, fauna and fungi of national parks and nature parks in Croatia. Innovations of Naturap Broad file containing a list of all the plants, animals and fungi that are found on the premises of the Croatian national parks and nature parks . In addition to the list and pictures with the name and habitat offered background information and interesting facts about the animal, plant or fungus. The possibility of expanding the database to other geographic areas in Croatia. The plan to introduce recognition '' software '' to distinguish individual animals , plants and fungi through a camera which will greatly facilitate the search and increase the interaction of nature and society . Giving advice about the user near hiking trails and accommodation , kayaking , rafting association , ranches and restaurants in the near area and also show advertisements

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e - psychology

The main objective of this idea is to helping ordinary people with everyday and exceptional problems. Psychological problems that include stress, neurosis, hypochondria, factitious disorder, depresion, paranoia, mania, delirium and etc. It's other objective is to employ many '' fresh out of college '' students of psychology in the field they studied. The overall idea is to have a relatively not expensive psychology treatment via Skype. There would be a main infrastructure with computers where several younger(new) employees would have computers and who would with a supervision and tutoring of a more experienced psychologist. The clients would have a web site where they make appointments and where they write in short their problems. They are then appointed to a certain younger psychologist whit whom they have skype meeting 2 or more times a week. The same young psychologist would have also other patients. The price would be about 10 euros per hour session. This is the price that everyone can afford, and as the number of people showing signs of some sort of psychological disorders is in a progressive state this could be a idea with a potentially good perspective. This kind of e - psychology what give the young psychologist a necessary experience to move forward in his carries while opening up a new workplace for new psychologist.

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