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fields of expertise

STEM areas, conceptualization of information, perseverance, violin player, writing, observative, easily adapt to change, thinking outside the box.

I´m constantly looking for

I need a team that wants to make an impact in society and change the life of millions of people, I need a laboratory with equipment in order to develop my project, I need to maintain a focus and strive to complete it, I constantly investigate and do anotations in order to advance and have a bigger capability to develop the perfect solution, help of other persons in order to gather opinions and advices.

My profile

I always wanted to make an impact for good in the world, since a kid, I developed many science projects and had fun doing them, I was always rooting for a degree in medicine but in highschool, I was introduced into the world of STEM and decided to investigate about it, my excitement and curiosity about it led me to study a degree in mechatronical engineering, to wich I am in my first year, in there, I am developing my knowledge and have been in a FIRST robotics team, through which I went to the Colorado Regional 2019, where many judges told us that we are very inspiring persons and confirmed that we are chnging the world with our spirit, dedication and projects, I appreciate one judge in particular, NASA´s Apollo 11 engineer, Lou Ramon, he inspired me to start my own project, and when I told him about my idea which I already have developed as a prototype, he was so shocked and congratulated me, not only him but many other judges really liked the idea, that is how I started, thanks to that little motivation and of course, from my mother who always believes in me, I am currently investigating and expect to have a exponential development in my project in the upcoming months.

I am..

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Luis Hubert Madrian Valero