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Mr. Sospeter Wekesa is a Water Resources Engineer/Hydrologist with an interest in understanding the impacts of climate change and anthropogenic activities on water availability with a special focus on the SGD. No. 6. Sospeter has over 6 years of professional experience in hydrology and integrated water resources management in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. Specifically, he has wide experience in modelling and assessing the hydrological impacts of water projects on the environment. Currently, Sospeter is Managing Director and Founder of HydroIntel Africa, A Kenyan Start-up focussing on innovation in the water sector. He is also a Research Assistant in the BRECcIA Project at the Hydrology and Remote Sensing Lab, Technical University of Kenya. Academically, Sospeter holds an MSc in Water Science and Engineering (with a specialization in hydrology and water resources) from IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, Netherlands and a BSc in Water Engineering from Kenyatta University, Kenya.

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