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I am a startup founder. I am a startup creator. I am a startup developer. I am a photographer. I create contents. I own a startup called Startup Story. I am a business storyteller in the business of telling social business stories and creating startup themed events for investment ready startups to find funding opportunities I work with a group of twentysomethings and I am always in search of the next best thing in startups.. I've been my own lead investor. I need support in mentoring and I can mentor young startup founders.

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I need funding. I would like to purchase or lease a property, to start a founders hub within my community. I am looking for collaboration and mentorship in training young entrepreneurs interested in entrepreneurship as a career choice. I am looking for independent angel investors and venture firms interested in early stage – preseed – to serie a – founders that are investment ready complete with team and structured work culture for the entire team.

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I have a background in software engineering. I work primarily with multimedia, have a certificate in garment construction, and am a self-starter. I am good at activating activities for myself and others around me. I love niche communities and am fascinated with igniting ideas. I am constantly learning, teaching, adapting, and innovating with the change. I am constantly creating opportunities for myself and everyone on my team. I am an activator and a tenacious risk taker – I see the bigger picture. I am loyal to my intuition. I listen to my team and my environment always is open and aware – I understand my role to play on the grand scale. I am a practical doer. I am willing to serve others and I lead myself well, Setting examples as a leader is my core strength and I let others use their intuition and creativity to either create something fresh with me or I can innovate with them on their own fresh idea. It’s a win-win for me, all or nothing. I am a unique addition to any team, a great team builder, and a focused enterprise developer. I am self-motivated and self-sufficient and am constantly learning how to understand why in the world am in startup creation as a career choice. I can build a unicorn startup with the right team. I am purpose driven.

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Eche Onwugbenu


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