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Timothy Olukayode Ajayi is a Bridge Builder, Tech Enthusiast, Change Strategist, Innovation & Youth Empowerment Advocate. He is a Social and Serial Entrepreneur passionate about Raising, Empowering and Supporting Young people to Make Impact and Create Opportunities that will Accelerate the Digital and Social Development/Growth of Nigeria, Africa and the World at large.

Tim is devoted, actively Involved and Interested in matters and activities related to Building, Supporting & Developing Entrepreneurship, STEM Education, IOT, AI, Tech Communities and Startups in Africa.

Professionally, Tim is an InfoComm Technologist and a practicing Web Designer, Brand Specialist, Video and Animation Creator, UI/UX and Graphics Designer. He is the founder and head of Tech & Creativity at Cloudicles -a Tech & Creative Digital Agency in Lagos, Nigeria with clients across the globe. He Started Wakanda Host an indigenous tech company providing Fast, Affordable & Reliable Web Hosting & Security Products & Services to Businesses & Individuals in Nigeria/Africa. He also founded SterBridge Hub out of his Passion to help solve some of the key challenges Young people face when trying to Start and Transform their Ideas into Products, Solutions or Businesses. Out of love for STEM Education and SDG 4, Tim founded STEM with LOVE – a Non-profit organization Advocating and Providing FREE STEM Education to economic disadvantaged Kids living in under-resourced, under-served & Marginalized Communities in Nigeria & across Africa.

I strongly believe that Young people in Africa can Create Solutions to Africa’s Socio-economic Challenges if Motivated, Equipped and Supported.

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Timothy Olukayode Ajayi


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E-Skills360 Nigeria e-learning Portal

My research shows that unemployment in Nigeria is not because there are no jobs but because therere some things wrong with our tertiary educational system. Here are few things I discovered: (1) Quality Education is very expensive in Nigeria. (2) Outdated courses are still being taught in our tertiary Institutions making graduates unemployable because they lack the 21st century skills required by employers. (3) Practical Skills are not taught in schools: Students go to school; learn theories; study hard only to pass exams; graduate with good grades, then joins the unemployed hordes who are in search for jobs. Schools are not preparing students to be creators of opportunities and solvers of economy challenges and societal underdevelopment. (4) We put the cart before the horse. Students should have the skills first before being certified and not awarding degrees without having the necessary skills and experiences. I guess that is why Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo, a one-time Governor; Central Bank of Nigeria once said that Nigerian graduates are unemployable. I am facilitating the establishment of e-Skills360 Nigeria. E-Skills360 is an e-learning portal, a UN GAID flagship initiative which will give Nigerians the access to over 3000 state-of-the-art Skills and certification-level Information Technology, Business and Professional Development courses FOR FREE through sponsorships by individuals, companies, foundations, and government. The platform will equip girls and boys, women and men with the 21st century employability skills so that they are ready to compete in the global economy. The well-trained individuals will attract multi-national, local and corporate investments into the local economy. The raised talented workforce who will not only become sought-after which companies can hire skilled employees from, but also, those who will create jobs for others rather than waiting for government to create one for them.

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