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I identify as vintage because I believe I’m the best of my kind – Don’t always follow the norms, play hard, work hard, imaginative, and competitive.

I am a budding entrepreneur, creative writer and avid traveler. I started the course of my life from a small, quiet city: Umuahia, Abia State where I picked up numerous honors and awards at a private high school, including a stint of stay at 3 other boisterous cities – Owerri, Lagos, Abuja. I thought I had my life and career progression figured out until I attained adulthood. I was aged 22: a young creative mind that was coerced to study civil engineering at one of the best technological universities in Nigeria. Since the study did not interest me no more I clamored for a change, but was met with constant rebuke. While in the university, I landed several scholarships to study International Business in USA and Europe but could not go. I felt stucked and unfulfilled.

In my quest to create a legacy project, I conceived a vision within the Edtech space – To bridge the gap between academia and industry, and in the process birthed CANIP-F. This was an aggregation of 3 peculiar services construct; the internship placement, career counseling chatbot and full scholarship board. As a whole entity, CANIP-F failed, but the internal processes helped to equip me with relevant networks, resources and capabilities to launch its new born known as Internapp.

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Israel Abazie


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