Comment on: Wi Yon FarmSalone
June 7, 2020 09:46

I like how you defined your value proposition and target group. However, I'll like you to review your go to market strategies. How do you plan on raising funds or will you be bootstrapping? How do you plan on processing the onions to paste form? What process and the associated cost? And finally use them to address your business sustainability.

June 7, 2020 07:21

This is a worthy initiative and will be needed to reviving the economy post-covid19. I think this is a bit similar to Marie's Together we can.

I think you should properly define your target market - market segmentation analysis. Aside from the training to know how to apply fertilizers and technological trends or advances in Agriculture, what else are you providing to your target group? Clearly state this and how you can achieve them.

Comment on: Together we can
June 5, 2020 07:28

Together we can. That\'s a very strong word and it\'s deep. Your idea is strong too. I will like to know if it\'s a non-profit venture you are starting? When you train them the modern ways of growing food crops and you find market for the grown foods, how do you plan to share profits among them?

May 25, 2020 18:11

Your idea is awesome. I didn't read too deeply to understand your concept. Investing in stick markets can be more of a risky venture and you won't want the low income earners that contributed funds to your wealth fund to lose it. Adding a safety net for their funds will be a game changer. It will also help to deepen their trust on your platform. All in all, we'll done!

Comment on: Preventing pandemics
May 19, 2020 13:44

This is a brilliant initiative Comfort. You have done the good job of explaining your idea in a very clear terms. As the mantra goes, 'health is wealth', and with the points you highlighted, I believe we will be well positioned to mitigate any of such pandemic spread in the future.