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Morris .Y Matadi


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Social Entrepreneur

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The project values is ($47,000.00 USD), the fund will be will be used to purchase two stainless steel cassava mill with engine and two parching pan locally made machine, build two canopy with three rooms including, the machine room, packaging room, store room, car, motorbikes, enlargement of farm land and agriculture materials. The fund will also be used to develop the human resources for quality products and services.

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Presently we are harvesting cassava, charging it into fufu and construction first five bed rooms for the rehabilitation and reintegration of youth associated with drugs, crimes and violence.

Our cassava project need is on two acres and need enlargement and to purchase a stainless steel cassava mill with engine and a parching pan locally made machine, build a canopy with three rooms including the machine room, packaging room and store room.

I’m a former child soldier who charge into a Peace Award Winning social entrepreneur.

Education Back Ground:

2013. Diploma in Social Entrepreneurship -SE Outreach Accelerator Social Entrepreneur Forum/Stockholm/Sweden.
2006-2007. Certificate in Plumbing -from the SMA Vocational and Technical Training Center (Refugee camp Ghana)
2006-2007. Certificate in Survey Administration- Trained Pittsburg University, the Department of Ford Institute for Human Security (Refugee camp Ghana).
2005. Certificate in PTSD first aid Trauma Counseling from Trained-London University Volunteers (Refugee camp Ghana)
2004. Certificate in Human Rights Education from a London Volunteer (Refugee camp Ghana)
2003. High School from the Domino Christian Academy (Refugee camp Ghana)

Working Experience:

Founder/CEO at the Initiative for the Development of Former Child Soldiers (IDEFOCS)
Co-founder/Monitoring and Evaluating Officer at the Glowing Liberia Democracy (Gold)
Founder/CEO at the Dollars Transforming Status (DTS)

Books Participation:

2012 writer of a book chapter called “peace from below” in South Africa at the Africa Institute of South Africa (AISA) I wrote chapter 7 http://www.ai.org.za/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2012/01/Agenda_PEACE_FROM_BELOW.pdf
2004 Co-writer of a book chapter called “When Born and Blood Cry” in Ghana, refugees camp.
International Fellowships:
2012 Fellow of the Movement121, http://www.movement121.com/m121-fellows/morris-matadi/
2013, Fellow of the SE Outreach Accelerators Social Entrepreneur Forum in Sweden/Stockholm. http://www.se-forum.se/blog/http://www.se-forum.se/outreach/
2011 Fellow of the Unreasonable Institute in the USA, http://www.unreasonableinstitute.org/profile/mmatadi/


2011 Peace Award winner at the African International Achiever Award (AFIA), for Promoting Community Peace in London, http://www.philanthropyawards.org/honor-roll- http://www.africanachievers.org/role-of-honour
2013 Peace Award Amazon Kindle Inter-Parliamentary Union Peace prize