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I’m Adeleke Ige Tawheed, a materials science and engineering graduate wuth passion to practice in the construction industry and also passion to run my personal business while also diversifying into poultry and agro-allied business. This led me to taking up my first job in the construction industry and after 5 years of working with the firm (ABRAS Steel), I decided to be on my own as a start-up enterprise and business owner. This led to Tech-Forte Integrated Services which is a technical service enterprise with expertise in steel and aluminum design, fabrication and installation and we have the design and fabrication of poly-utherane panel made – porta-cabin which is our product.
The need to diversify into poultry and agro-allied business especially in the poultry meating preparation for Fresh From Farm Poultry Meats products has led us to almost concluding plans on the project and this arm of our business and we are hoping to secure investors or partners soon.

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Ige Adeleke