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Grants Management Consultancy, Crop production and management, Animal production and management, Computer skills, Communication, Agriculture extension service, marketing skills, Group management, skills, organisational skills.

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He is an impact oriented professional and an agro-vet by training, passionate about sustainable rural development. He supports smallholder farmers to boost their production and productivity and realise high profit margins. He has a seven-year working experience in community development and worked with high profile organizations and companies in Uganda. He also has a proven track record in hitting targets and team management while giving consistent, timely, and accurate information/reports.
He won the 2020 National Youth Innovation contest in the USAID funded Youth Leadership for Agriculture Activity (YLA) program where he developed a robust database management system for management of extension farmers for private sector partners in the agriculture value chain.
He was nominated for the 2020 Common Wealth awards for young people in development works.
He won the supplier nominated most productive YEAST member Awards in the SNV UNDRES program in Eastern Uganda.
He won a back-to-back Team of the month Awards in the SNV UNDRES Program.
Won the best communicator award in the SNV UNDRES program.
He also won a back-to-back best sales YEAST member Awards in the SNV UNDRES program.
Due to his effectiveness in project implementation, he was able to get promotions on merit.
He is also a gender specialist trained by the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries under the oilseed component.
He has a wide range of experience from community extension service delivery, team management, project management to organizational management.

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