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Crop production and management, Animal production and management, Computer skills, Communication, Agriculture extension service, marketing skills, Group management, skills, organisational skills.

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I started as a secondary school teacher before joining Busitema University for general agriculture where I graduated in 2014. I joined private sector to build up my skills and experience in January 2015 where I implemented the IFAD funded Vegetable Oil Development Project phase 2 (VODP 2) in Mukongoro Sub county, Kumi District. Due to my outstanding performance, I was promoted in 2017 to lead the VODP 2 at the District as a District Technical Supervisor VODP 2, Kumi District until it was officially closed on 31st December 2019.
However in the process of leading the project at District level, I also went back to Specialize in veterinary at Busitema University where I graduated on 3rd October 2019.
I also formed a youth development organisation called YESRUD in 2017 which has supported over 2,000 farmers and over 10,000 households in Kumi District in the field of agriculture. Currently I work as an Executive Director Youth Effort for Sustainable Rural Development (YESRUD) based in Kumi Town, Eastern Uganda.

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