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with two years experience as a newspaper executive and the forum of the University of Parakou ; I have gained some experience in management of human resource. and my law degree in business and my training in business leader , I have a perfect mastery of the world of business and the legal framework for business in the Republic of Benin

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My name is Igor SEMANOU. I was born March 7, 1985 and holds a master of business law at the University of Parakou, and training in entrepreneurial leadership. I am the CEO of Klingo Express. A Ict solution company that I created since 2014 and that aims to revolutionize the world of services in Benin and in the sub-region by exploiting the great potential of information and communications technology and mobile payments. By removing the time and space factors in the process of selling their products and services, Klingo Express created and provides the population and businesses with innovative solutions.

In the past, I have demonstrated my leadership skills in several sectors such as:
2015: reporter for E- TV ( parakou )
2012: Editor of Journal Akowé (University of Parakou )
2011: Editor of the Journal Akowé
2011: Columnist for radio Campus FM (University of Parakou )
2010: Head Desk Culture Journal Akowé
– Community Action, civic and volunteer
2011: Founder and General Manager of the Forum of the University of Parakou
2012: Consultant trainer for Give1project Benin
2010: Member of the focal unit of fight against HIV / AIDS (University of Parakou )
2003 Pair educator on Ist / HIV – AIDS( Ouidah )

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