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Youth activist, Entrepreneurship, Civic education, Mentoring and Leadership training, Community Development Services and Tribal integration.

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I am OKORO SAMUEL IKEMBA, a NIGERIAN. I am the last of four children born to Prof. and Mrs. Chris Okoro. I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree (B.sc) from Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) in 2008. I am a youth activist and I am the PRESIDENT, UMU-MAZI YOUTH CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY. My journey started after graduating from the University, it was an uphill task landing a job and so was it for 20.3 million unemployed Nigerian youths growing at 16% per year. With the prevailing economic situation, there was an increment in crime rate perpetuated by youth especially cyber fraud, armed robbery, cult violence and clashes, political and religious crisis. So because of the aforementioned prevalent situations I decided it’s time I ask “what can I to do for my nation” and not “what will my nation do for me”. I enrolled in a six month long intensive entrepreneurial program by the Center for Entrepreneurial Development Research (CEDR). And on completion I dedicated my time and resources and Founded Umu-Mazi Youth Cooperative Society, were we bring together youths between the ages of 12 to 35 for Entrepreneurship, Civic education, Mentoring and Leadership training, Community Development Services and Tribal integration. So far we have taught hundreds and have given out modules on Entrepreneurship to youths and youth based organization. We have aided and continue to be a platform on which members through the art of being able to write a business plan to secure grants, aid, soft loans to prosecute their business ideas. We have taught and handed out modules on civic and leadership education to our members and general public to enlighten them

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Ikemba Okoro


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There are two core objectives to approaching my idea, Moringa tea. Firstly, improvement of our Healthcare delivery system. Moringa is an acclaimed plant with numerous health benefits, the Moringa drink (Tea) is one of the Chief sources of vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), and also increases the proper functioning of intercellular materials, prevent Scurvy and build corrective tissue fibres. Secondly, it is aligned with the on-going Economic reform of the Nigerian Government which is to reduce excessive dependency on oil and to promote diversification of the economy and encourage farming especially amongst the youth. Some of my activities are the Value Chain development of Moringa Oliefera, which focuses on Cultivation, Processing and Packaging of Moringa Oliefera Tea in permeable tea bags with different flavours such as vanilla, strawberry, ginger and exotic fruits. I have conducted a comprehensive feasibility study which shows that it will be easier for Moringa consumers in the south-eastern part of my country to have access to my products; reasons are that my competitors are all based in the south-western and northern part of the country. Secondly, there is no Moringa tea facility in the south-eastern part of Nigeria where I am domiciled. I have the option to be adopting an innovative model where the leaves will be sterilized and blanched during processing in order to reduce temperature build up and possible detoriation. I will be using solar drying equipment with Ultra Violet (UV)treated polyethylene so that the temperature does not go above 55oc thereby ensuring that the final product is brittle hence its nutritional and medicinal values are guaranteed. Moringa is a useful tropical tree, the relative ease with which it propagates both sexual and asexual means its low demand for soil nutrients and water after being planted makes its production and management easy.

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