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Liana Brokvic


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Boost Adult Literacy

The objective of this idea is to reduce adult illiteracy rate via an innovative and low cost method. I plan to develop an online learning tool to tackle adult illiteracy and help the vulnerable groups of the society (e.g. Roma, migrants, prisoners, previous prisoners and their families, drug addicts, adults who dropped out school, unemployed people), and/or the organisations who are responsible for their (re)integration to the society. The role of the online learning tool is going to be twofold, it will not only support these groups to get or improve their literacy skills (reading, writing, reading comprehension, health literacy, job literacy etc.) but also it will make them digital literate. It is a new tool which does not exist and once it is proved successful in one language it can be developed in any other language As a learning tool will be as more interactive as possible with audiovisual learning content, exercises and tests. All the content will be based on making these people active citizens, provide them chances to find a job and enable them to deal with daily issues and problems (e.g. health, public institutes, etc). I quote hereafter some information to present you the importance of the problem which I am trying to contribute to its solution: Illiteracy threatens an estimated 785 million adults worldwide 1 in 5 of 15 years old EU citizens has insufficient reading skills How can patients take their medication properly if they cannot read instructions? Employees need to read safety instructions Investing in literacy is investing in human capital and the well-being of individuals and societies

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