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Public Health, Community Development, Mentoring, Leadership, Entreprenuership and Business Development

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Partnership and sponsorship to sustain youth and young women empowerment and wealth creation.

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– A Statistician.
– A recipient of NYSC/BENUE State Honors Award on Community Development.
– I’m one of the Winners/finalist of NYSC/BOI/GEF Business competition 2015.
– A Peer Educator Trainer (PET) on Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS prevention and care project.
– A trained Customer Service Person on Customer Service Excellence
– An entrepreneur with rare ingenuity of finding a need and filling the need.
– I carried out a Personal Community Development Project as a Corps Member; where i constructed a roundabout to checkmate breakdown of traffic rules and accidents respectively; i provided waste baskets to curtail indiscriminate dumping of refuse in order to avert epidemic and carried out massive free HIV/AIDS testing and sensitization campaign in my host Local Government Area of Gwer-West and i eventually got a State Honors Award on Community Development.
– I’m most interested in youths empowerment and leadership; most especially young women.

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