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I’m a self taught tailor with a passion for Arts and craft. I come from a family of entrepreneurs, and growing up, I saw first-hand the challenges of growing a business and initially I was more attracted to structured 9-5 job. However, along the way I discovered that the roles I enjoyed most professionally were the ones that where entrepreneurial. I have also always had a passion for technology and fashion, the way fabrics are cut, twisted, folded and in some cases even pressed to produce outfits really fascinates me. So I eventually decided to work on an idea that I had for a very long time,that I was passionate about and that was how to make Fashion more accessible for Africans using the power of data technology to solve social and economic problem within our community. My mom helped me to raise some money, we borrowed $280 from our relatives & friends that’s how we started.
I can say that the consciousness of my present day entrepreneurial pursuit in fashion design was influenced by fascination of class work in the study of Art and Craft back in secondary school and my mother who happens to be a seamstress.

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Umar imam