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Shawn Melville

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digital accessibility, assistive technology, engineering

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customers, investors, collaborators, mentors

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I am the Managing Director of Ipsum Technologies which is a social enterprise that is focused on creating opportunities for persons with disabilities to thrive in the growing digital economy. Since our incorporation in 2014, we have been developing assistive technology devices, accessible websites and multimedia content, and have acquired expertise in ICT accessibility. Locally, I have participated in the Trinidad and Tobago Internet Governance Forum and the Caribbean Internet Governance Forum and I have developed relationships with representatives at the Caribbean Telecommunications Union, Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago, The Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs. Additionally, in 2018, I presented at the ITU’s Accessible Americas V Conference as the Category I Winner with the idea, MobiAssist; an assistive device to aid visually impaired persons while navigating. Under my stewardship, Ipsum Technologies has developed a comprehensive guide entitled, “Blind Way Forward”, to help persons living with visual impairment and we are currently working our latest initiative entitled Empowered – a virtual platform which allows persons with disabilities to provide their services and products to employers and business from the comfort of their homes.

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