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I am good at causing a renewed boost of energy in people who are close to throwing in the towel and giving it up. I help this persons rekindle interest in their pursuit with every support available at my disposal. The has contributed to my fame and acceptance in my community.

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I am a self-motivated youth leader who is particularly passionate about helping people find a new lease of life and/or find the courage to overcome all hurdles to better their lives.

I love the satisfaction that comes from accomplishing a daunting task and/or helping an individual get their groove back.

Sequel to this passion, I seek out ways to emancipate youths in my community from the claws of unemployment, youth restiveness and irresponsibility using the self development and entreprenuership development.

This drive for human capacity building birthed ‘Project Defy Your Age (PDYA)’, a Non-Profit platform geared towards motivating and mentoring the teenage/youth population to achieving their most desired goals/dreams irrespective of their age.

The Project launched on May 15, 2015, and has helped over 100 teenagers find and live a purpose driven life.

PDYA, educates the younger generations especially young secondary school graduands with necessary informations and hands-on entrepreneurial skills/trainings for relevance in their respective communities.

This endless zest also propel my decision to serve presently as the Recruitment Officer for the Africa Science Academy, Ghana, where I help teenage secondary school girls access quality A’level technical and science education for 11months in an academy in Ghana plus access scholarship opportunities.

As a YALI Regional Leadership Center, West Africa, Accra; Cohort 9 emerging leader cum alumni, trained in Civic Leadership track, I am presently committed to helping fellows in their respective community service activities most often as Guest Speaker/Facilitator and Volunteering. In My recent endeavour, I Volunteered for the IGBOYA PROJECT. Where I trained over 20 teenage girls living in Ajegunle community; (a slum area of Lagos state, Nigeria) on how to develop their self confidence. This is intended to help them find their voice and live a purpose driven life.

Also as a YALI RLC Alumni cum Ambassador, I am likewise comitted to helping others access/learn from the YALI Platforms. I have helped atleast 10 persons go through same leadership training in an attempt to send down the ladder.

In my capacity as the Creative Director at Sil Clothings; (an aparrel making and branding outfit in Lagos, Nigeria), in 2018, I facilitated the production of over 100 branded tshirts for youth led Non Profit Initiatives in my region at no profit. This is done in support of their cause, campaign and/or community outreaches towards making the region a safe haven.

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