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isaac frimpong


Project Overview

New materials for Cardboard Manufacture.

The idea concerns the use of plantain and banana sheaths for the making of cardboards. The sheaths are light, fibrous-to-leathery materials covering the outer stems of plantain and banana plants. The main objectives are; 1.to obtain a useful product that can be used in various applications such as carton boxes and packaging materials, upholstery, building and construction, bookbinding,etc. 2.to get people engaged and employed 3.to tackle poverty The activities that may be involved in include; 1.collection of sheaths from farms and plantations. 2.sorting,cleaning and sizing of sheaths. 3.gluing of sheaths to form larger sheets. 4.gluing sheets to form the desired plys to obtain a cardboard. 5.forming cardboards into boxes or other materials.

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