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I am an Artist by Talent deep in Love with Technology and Innovation. And Student Architect by profession.

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Incubation Programs while continuing my market research and developing prototypes for my new business Venture, "CleanD".

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Isack Amini is Unshakable Optimist and a Visionary Thinker with a Rare Intellect.
The Founder of CleanD.
A smart waste management startup in Tanzania, trying to accelerate African Cities transition to sustainable and smart waste management.
At CleanD, We offer a comprehensive smart waste management solutions using IoT, Solar powered smart waste bins and Innovative and Informative Mobile App technologies.
His Passion for Environment, Technologies and Innovations can be traced back to his pre-professional days. Whether as a Leader of his high school Environment Club or part of the Young Innovators at Buni Hub-COSTECH, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.He has been on Environment, Technologies and Innovations from the Start.

Why is He doing that?
One day in an Interview Isack Amini said “I like getting people excited about Doing Hard Things I’m excited about! Doing Hard things which will impact the Community and make a difference not only in Tanzania but all parts of Africa. Doing Hard Things that will leave my foot prints in Africa.”

He is Influential and Multi Award Winning Young Leader in his community as an Environmentalist and Social Innovator. He is 1st Winner of Dar Resilient Design Challenge in FOSS4G 2018 Dar es Salaam. He is 1st Winner of Pavilion Design for Historic Architecture by DARCH 2018 Dar es Salaam. He is Finalist in EO-GSEA Tz, Entrepreneur Organization- Global Student Entrepreneur Awards 2018 Tanzania.

Currently, He is earning his Bachelor Degree in Architecture from University of Dar es Salaam,He entered the Architecture world to explore his passion for Environment,Buildings and Design.And now, He is working as a part time Concept Architect for EZM Architects & Associates in Dar es Salaam, where He is focused on Eco friendly Designs, Affordable Housing, and Sustainable Cities and Communities.