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Writing and Communication skills, research work

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Media, Tourism and trilingualism in the example of Kazakh, Russian and English
-1st place award at International “Young Scientist-2019” Scientific Project Contest, Daejeon, South Korea, 2019;
-Winner at “Best start-up idea of the year” Contest-Auction, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan, 2018;
-3rd place at International Project Contest, Kazan, Russia, 2019;
-1st place award at XVIII Eurasian Innovative University International Scientific Conference, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan, 2019;
-Winner at First Youth Media Awards “Zhas Media”, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, 2017;
-1st place award at Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools Scientific Project Contest, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2018;
-Awarded at “Robotics Catch Up robotic EV3” by Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy, 2017;

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Islam Suleimen