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I am a Farmer by birth, choice and profession. I am a trained engineer in agriculture and environment; a researcher, an inventor, entrepreneur and computer literate. I am passionate about creativity, humanity, civility, adventure, integrity, professionalism, accountability and service delivery.

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Investment opportunities like grants, donations and equities to the tune of $25,000 and more to complete my project and develop my business ideas.

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I am passionate and committed to creating a better world for humanity (particularly the poor and vulnerable groups in the society) using entrepreneurship and cutting edge technologies. I am a self-employed engineer, farmer, researcher and inventor; born into an economic disadvantaged family that believes in entrepreneurship, civility and humanity. Driven by my passion for civility, humanity and creativity; I started a startup company – Kom’Bak Industries together with other young professionals and entrepreneurs to proffer solutions and services in agribusiness, environmental services, manufacturing and humanitarian services using professional and modern best global practices and technologies. Being influenced by the life and works of Barack Obama, Aliko Dangote, Bill Gates, Jack Ma and Mark Zuckerberg, I have the motivation to see investment opportunities despite the prevailing conditions in Nigeria, as I believe that creativity and productive business is the key to sustainability and development.

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Israel Ayua