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Petroleum Engineering, Environmental Sustainability, entrepreneurship

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Financial Aid and Partnership to Foster Ideas that can create jobs in Nigeria

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Born In Nigeria in 1982 and attended primary, High school and University in the same country. My Masters was deferred due to financial incapability but currently working as English foreign teacher in China. Ferdinand has received so many award from First bank of Nigeria for outstanding leadership award. Entrepreneurship award by Center for advocacy against corrupt practices( CACORP) Nigeria for best entrepreneurship idea. Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) Nigeria for most innovative student idea award, Kaufman foundations Youth Entrepreneurship award in 2010,KPMG and GTbank Nigeria outstanding leadership award,the pioneer leader of SIFE Federal University of Technology (FUTO) Nigeria . The organisation has won the best innovative ideas for sustainability and has represented Nigeria in SIFE world cup in USA. My CV and records will be uploaded upon request.

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Ferdinand Edozie


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The negligence of the effects of unlined waste dumps on the host soil and underlying shallow aquifers in southeastern Nigeria characterized by largely unconfined, porous and high permeable aquiferous system is worrisome. Studies have shown that soil and groundwater system can be polluted due to poorly designed waste disposal facilities, leakage from underground storage tanks and agricultural wastes.Increase in population and rapid expansion of cities has resulted to generation of huge waste and they manner these wastes are disposed constitutes serious health and environmental problems. The impact of Avu and Ihie waste dumps on the host soil and underlying shallow aquifer system was investigated in this study. Modern Gore Cover approach and innovative recycling waste management method with improved biological treatment of organic wastes and converting non bio degradable materials into use. The following activities will take place in order to fulfill the approach: set up an integrated solutions provider for sustainable waste management in partnership with international technology providers and local partners, focusing on compost and recycling, (ii) Prepare an Integrated Waste Management Plan 2013-2018 with local authorities, (iii) Start with a pilot project in one community, (iv) Implement and execute with key stake-holders, (v) Set up a community fund to maximize social and environmental impact .

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