Comment on: His world jamb cafe
July 9, 2019 12:14

I think that this idea is one which will benefit student in the up and coming years. This is because it covers foul play on online exams which is a rampant problem in the subject. It also allows for quality education to be accomplished as well. I wonder though if you may be able to get a university sponsorship or trial of this idea, to show off your proof of concept. This is because it will create an environment where your project can grow. I just wonder how you plan to ensure there will be no bribery or discrimination against certain individuals or if you will have ideas of how to mitigate that. Best wishes on further development
Jacob Little

July 8, 2019 10:43

The fact that this idea is coming from personal experience and also observing how others treat this issue abroad is very beneficial. I think that that will allow you to ensure that the idea will help accomplish the development goals and will survive quite well. The training program may help you dive deeper into how you can insure that this housing idea will work. Do not be afraid as well to look at people other than the government for assistance, there are sometimes opportunities through Universities and also the personal business sector. Best wishes on further development.
Best wishes,
Jacob Little

July 5, 2019 12:25

I do think that this idea is a good attempt in making a solution to the development goals. This being said there are some problems that people may face especially when it comes people who do not have reliable spaces for electrical appliances. I would recommend seeing if you can get different varieties of your system to best grow different things in different places. I feel like you are on the right track though. Best wishes
Jacob Little

Comment on: Best From Waste
July 5, 2019 12:06

I was curious about what kinds of products you were thinking about making from the recycled waste. I do like that you are going to the cities and villages to collect waste as well. Best wishes on further development

July 5, 2019 11:57

I do see benefits of a program like this. This type of program must have many different aspects and skill levels to remain effective. This is because if they do not, the program may not be able to target all youth. I would recommend researching programs like reader rabbit or similar programs. There is great potential and remember often times, software engines already exist. I will also point you to our online training as it will help with development. Best wishes
Jacob Little

Comment on: Your Own Revolution
July 4, 2019 13:35

This idea is one in which could aid in the education process, however one has to be careful. I would try and incorporate this through a University or job search service initially so that it gain traction as an idea and then search for government recognition. This will allow it to become most effective. I believe that this idea could work, however it will be a process of acceptance in a world that is quickly changing. I would look at the training in the components section of the training as it may help you formulate your idea further. Best wishes
Jacob Little

Comment on: Fada'a
July 3, 2019 15:50

This project is one which I can connect with personally and have seen the benefits this type of program can bring. This type of program can bring into light not only education on astronomy but also sustainability. I would look at ways that other places have attempted these programs: NASA's space camp or the Challenger learning program. This will teach kids a vast amount of information, while also keeping them away and out of dangerous situations. I would also suggest looking at our learning materials since they have information that may help you further develop your idea. Best wishes on further development
Jacob Little

Comment on: Give me Peepal Trees
July 3, 2019 12:51

I understand what you are trying to accomplish with this idea. The goals and potential for sustainable development is also good because it has the ability to help combat climate change. The concern I have , is that there may plants that can become invasive, when not consistently tended to. I would suggest having a tree person make sure that these tree could be more beneficial or keep them from over growing. I would look at the components described in the online courses here. They may help lead you to improvements. Best wishes
Jacob Little

Comment on: The Planet Saviors
July 3, 2019 11:38

This project is one in which attempts to tackle sustainable development in a way that is different from many others. I feel as though this idea is very good at pushing for education in a different way. I wonder though what would be the best way to distribute this game. I know that in some areas this is much harder to distribute due to either conflicts or terrain inaccessibility to games like this. Do you wish to supply these through government organizations as to give them publicly or do you intent on supplying them privately through a business. I see both of them having some of their own benefits. I would look at some of the training that is free through this website. Best wishes on further development.
Jacob Little

July 2, 2019 10:36

This idea can help in many ways, as it helps with anti desertification and giving employment to others. This is good because it covers various aspects of the development goals. Do not be afraid to do a components system as described in the training of the website, however remember to keep your idea still yours. I would also see what other ways you might be able to use the lands as they already are, or find a way to use them for the best way of your planting of the trees. Best wishes on further development.
Jacob Little