Comment on: Kudrat
June 26, 2019 22:43

I like that there is a circular motion of the plastics and paper in terms of usage. I wonder though how you might be able to recruit more volunteers to keep your operation running. I would also try to figure if you are wanting a certain standard of plastic and paper waste, or if you want to accept it all with certain compensation based on the recyclable quality. I would suggest looking at the entrepreneurship campus youtube channel and look at the videos as well, because the interviewees may help you expand your idea. You are on the right track, best of luck!
Jacob Little

June 21, 2019 11:27

These types of programs help people a lot around the world. While the company is still smaller, I like that you have gotten support from a local university. This will help make your operations easier to complete. I think as well you should try to show how your project is different than those who cam before. Best wishes on further development of your project.
Jacob Little

June 21, 2019 10:37

This idea is one in which, you are correct, been implemented in other places. I do feel as well that you are actively trying to fix a problem which is rarely described in the development goals. While you are also working alongside another organization, you may still want to look for other things like that. I would also recommend putting English subtitles in your video as it would help the other competitors understand it more. Best wishes on further development.
Jacob Little

Comment on: Innovation Ground
June 20, 2019 13:51

The fact that you are incorporating the STEM fields and education is very important. The growing demand for these quality jobs is astounding. This could alleviate a lot of stress for people and it could lead to more sustainable technology in the future. I would look and see if there are potential governmental or NGO partnerships that could make your project better. Best wishes
Jacob Little

Comment on: Student Life
June 20, 2019 13:07

This is an ok starting Idea, however I would try to expand on what the card could help them do. Think about potentially using the card for meals, grades, or even as a social security card. The possibilities are there, but keep in mind plastic can at times be wasteful. I would look into recycled plastics as an option for the cards as they would increase sustainable developments. Best wishes on further development of your idea
Jacob Little

Comment on: Evocraft
June 20, 2019 12:27

Your project and pitch was done excellently. I do also enjoy that you are using your personal experience to back this product. I would see if you could do a show internationally or something along those lines to show the spread of things a person could learn with the product. Best wishes on further development.
Jacob Little

Comment on: Expresion Vida
June 20, 2019 12:16

Projects like this have been successful around the world and I am glad you are an organizer for it. I would try to show how yours stands out form others, such as saying how you get a specific amount form the government. I would look and see how you could get a greater outreach to the individuals or maybe even advertise the types of activities that you offer. best wishes going forward
Jacob Little

Comment on: Cooking Made Easy Ng
June 20, 2019 11:50

I like where you are headed with your idea. I feel as though you have the ability to continue the growth of this idea. The component may make providing food easier to your customers, but you also need to remain sustainable so that the food remains cost effective to the individuals. I would recommend looking at the components in the lessons to see if you could adopt some of these principles. I wish you the best of luck in further development

Comment on: Moow! Life
June 20, 2019 11:37

I like that you are giving work to both women and the youth in ways that will be beneficial for them. You are also supplying food in a sustainable way as you are using advice from veterinarians to help produce the milk. I would be careful though to not go overboard with grazing because it can cause damage to the pastures that the cattle are grazing on. I do like as well that you are using various components to make your idea work. Best wishes on further development of your idea

Comment on: qLock
June 20, 2019 11:28

This idea is one which does help with efficiency in the work place. I also feel like this has a potential do eliminate the need for plastic, metal, or other waste used in other systems. I would probably add that to your description as well. I would also see what ways you could make the project easier or see if you can get a collaboration with the government so that individuals can use their common id's rather than work ids