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Jacqueline Glasmeyer Bonato


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human rights, development and international law

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partnership and financial resources to create a plataform for Freehelper

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I`m bachelor of Law with experience in human rights and international law. In the last years I`ve been acting in the third sector and in projects involving migration, refuge and human rights. I`m member of the United Nations Peace Operations Project (OpPAZ)
and of the Extension Group “From Open Doors to the World”, about the reception and integration of refugees in Curitiba / PR. I`ve always loved to volunteer and work with social causes. Nowadays I volunteer in the Migration Policy Program and Brazilian University (PMUB) to assist refugees and I`m the Director of Relationship of the NGO Freehelper, which I helped to found. We connect professional volunteers to other NGOs in in short to medium term actions that can be done remotely and that has been my passion. We work towards all the SDGs because we have NGO parterns from different social causes. I`m working there for more than 2 years now and during this period we reached great goals. I`m also member of the feminist collective “Get out on the street” because I belive in gender equality and I work every day for this cause.

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