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In my humble opinion, I would characterise my talents, concentrated in the areas of creative writing, debating and entrepreneurship. By and by, I would also add my expertise in the field of coding, that has lead me to create an app, a translator for a language, which I also created. Some of my quirky talents would include knowing a 100 digits to Pi, knowing the capitals of all countries in the world and playing decent basketball, apart from being proficient in Indian classical music, particularly playing the Harmonium and Tabla.

I´m constantly looking for

resources that will allow Word Builders ( word builders.in) to expand and reach as many children as possible.

My profile

AS the founder of Word Builders :
1. Education to 180+ underprivileged across India
2. Collaboration with 6+ NGOs across India
3. A network of 30+ volunteers working for the common goal across the sub-continent.
AS a basketball player .
1. Captain of the junior team at school.
2. 4 times district champions.
3. 2 times state-level player.
4. Vice-captain of the senior team.

AS a programming enthusiast.
1. Knowledge of Swift and Python.
2. created an app called “Mystirian” available on the App Store.
3. Working on another project under works.

AS a school student.
1. 2 times prefect
2. House captain in the council.

1. Won the National Times Scholars award by Tribune.
2. Founded Word sphere (wordsphere.info)
3. writer and editor for the school newspaper – Voice of Cambridge.

1. 3rd year student for Indian classical music.
2. A harmonium and Tabla player.
3. Special mention at the Harivallabh sangeet Samellan

1. President of the school debate club
2. participated and won over 30+ regional and state-level debate and speech compeititons.

I am..

First name / Last name

Jahnavi Mahajan