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I am passionate to proactively contribute for Sustainable development goals and led a Hunger warrior team in my school which brought awareness from 14% to 73% In my school, Global Indian International School (smart campus)with regards to the UN goals and successfully carried out food donation drive in our community by raising funds through consistent pursuasion with donors to donate for a noble cause of zero hunger which helped us donate food to the needy foreign migrant workers during testing times of Covid-19. I learnt to mobilise peers with positive team spirit, patience and perseverance.

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I reside in Singapore but my heart goes out to find sustainable solutions to the most vulnerable section, farmers who are committing suicide in large numbers in Maharashtra, India, my motherland as I spent my vacations helping their kids by imparting sustainable education which can make them self-reliant in near future and thereby help the poor families.

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I am Jaidev Balaji, 13 from Global Indian International School (Singapore). I have won the prestigious Commonwealth essays – silver, consecutively for 2 years. I was able to positively contribute by reducing zero hunger through implementing ideas with the unequivocal support of my school, hunger warriors team, and my grand-parents. I got a scholarship to represent under 16 for football team Singapore, through Real Madrid in Spain which I balanced with a scholarship from my school as an all-rounder with academics. I learned the importance of discipline, empathy, team spirit, and gratitude which helped me emerge as a truly global citizen. I have bagged International gold in various disciplines -Olympiads – GK, Science, Genius, English, IT.
I come from a humble background where hard work and integrity are nurtured with compassion for the less privileged and grandparents and parents instilled this in my upbringing and never get carried away with success or failures. I think this has kept me grounded and inspired me to work relentlessly with a humane touch.

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Jaidev Balaji