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AYSO PROFILE Afri Youth Support Organisation (AYSO) is an NGO founded in 2011 and registered to operate in Kampala district (Uganda) by the NGO Board Ministry of Internal Affairs Uganda with the registration number 10287 and is a youth lead Organisation located at Komamboga. Our vision is To have self reliant, educated and God fearing youth. Our mission is To build capacities and capabilities of the youths through education and training while instilling in them God fearing values for self sustainance. Sticking to our motto TALK HE TRUTH and being determined to follow our work plan has enabled us to reach a number of youth and achieve our objectives. The organizational Broad Objectives: 1. To support the poor, orphans and vulnerable youths to access education through giving bursaries and career guidance to the youths at all levels of education. 2. To sensitize Youths on HIV/AIDS spread, prevention, treatment and counseling. 3. To raise awareness of the youths to discover their talents. 4. To instill in the youths need for participation in environmental protection. 5. To encourage the youths become self-reliant through establishing income generating projects and business training sessions. POSTAL ADDRESS P.O.Box 783, Kampala Uganda TEL: +256779650199 +256702438334 E-mail: [email protected] OUR VALUES AND PRINCIPLES: - God fearing. - Transparency and accountability. - Mutual respect. - Self-reliance. - Honesty. OUR APPROACH: While extending support to the youths AYSO uses face to face approach while conducting seminars on various themes. To attain self-reliance AYSO encourages the youths to be visionary innovative, educated and God fearing. TARGET POPULATION: PRIMARY AUDIENCE: 1. Children aged 8 15 years from financially inadequate families. 2. Less skilled male and female youth in school and out of school between 16 35 years. 3. Children who have physical, emotional and behaviourial problems. SECONDARY AUDIENCE: Parents, Church Leaders, Community Leaders and Teacher

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