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James Cerrero is a 17-year old BS. Accountancy student. At the age of 14, he was first exposed to politics and economy with former Philippine president Fidel V. Ramos and 2016 senatorial candidate Raffy Alunan III. and the Liberal party a year later, particularly Vice President Leni Robredo, former president Benigno Aquino III., Senators Risa Hontiveros, Bam Aquino and Frank Drilon. He has been involved in various model united nations (MUN) activities and focuses on health and food security. He is a consistent honour student of his class and has always been part of the top 5 of his class. He was the marketing manager of 2nd runner up Sofia Grace Lopez Galve of Miss Tourism Philippines 2017. He was part of the La Salle Green Hills Debate Team, Model United Nations and Multi-Cultural Club where he was appointed president. He has been a writer for numerous institutions namely, History of Royal Women, Royal Writers, Oxford Writers’ House, Society of Authors and Cambridge Writers’. He has been considering joining various writing organizations such as the International New York Times, Huffington Post, Manila Times (Columnist) and Philippine Daily Inquirer (Columnist). He broadened his knowledge as an adherent and leader through his participation as a National Youth Congress delegate and quiz bee finalist which was held at the University of the Philippines, where he was exposed to key issues on the country’s economy with other young scholars across the country. He was really passionate in fighting health problems so he began creating an investigatory project entitled “Bridges and Social Constraints of the Picture Exchange Communication System towards People with Autism” focusing on people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and how they can improve their communication skills. He developed the PECS application into a more open way how it can help improve interactive communication whereas he launched his own prototype in playstore named PPECS which was renamed later to PHOTOHANAPP. He has been interested with health issues considering his family are patients of diabetes, hypertension and obesity and he wanted to combat these health-related issues present in society. In his final year in High School, he generated a capstone project that will help lessen obesity and it is the OMG! Drinks which can solve health-related issues such as hypertension, diabetes and obesity. He also began creating short stories and films at the age of 16. As a youth representative, he was nominated in different prestigious international awards such as CSR Youth Awards, International Service-Learning Practitioner Award (being the first and youngest Filipino to be nominated), Ramon Magsaysay Award, Global Youth Awards 2018 and Norwegian Peace Prize 2018. He has been a champion independently in Physics (Gold), Mathematics (Gold) and even a political and economic competition (9 gold medals and 1 bronze). He was also part of the top 100 best speakers in the IDEA Lite. He won home (31 medals) after being the “sobresaliente” against 308. Currently, he is a member of the International Youth Council and the World Youth Asia Alliance. He is also in process of publishing his research materials entitled “Contemporary Analysis of the Role the Philippine Government in the Economic Growth” which was submitted to both University of Oxford and Cambridge University and was accepted in the 2018 international research symposium at Prague, Czech Republic and “Shaping the World of Obesity: A Living Psychological Enemy” which is going to be submitted and validated to Harvard College. He is currently working to various competitions such as Breakthrough Junior 2019 and Taiwan Queer Film festival.

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