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1. Am an Agronomist with Zimbabwe Ministry of Agriculture 2. Offline cross boarder trading 3. Team leader of Zhejiang University China Africa Bridge Entreprenurs Club 4. Zhejiang University Campas Ambassador for MyHomie social platform for all foreign students in China 5. Match making of suppliers and buyers between Zimbabwe and China suppliers and traders 6.. Am now working towards my own hair/weave/wig factory in Africa

I´m constantly looking for

1. Cross border e-commerce training opportunities 2.Smart climate technologies in crop production 3. Major countries which supply 100% human hair, machinery for making weaves and wigs, market demand in Africa

My profile

1. Cross border e-commerce training
2. At least 3 Month internship in hair factory

After more than a year of buying hair products like wigs and weaves from China to my country I realized that most consumers of such products are found in Africa yet there are no weave/wig factories in Africa. Also as a student there are moments when I fail to go around sourcing products for my clients due to limited time. Through that experience I learnt that online trading will be the way forward because very soon I will be graduating and go back to resume my Agronomist work. Hence, I will have limited time to meet my clients demands

I am..

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Jane Makoni


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