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Jan Guzmán

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Profitable self-sustainable clean energy system

Piezoelectricity is the generation of energy with mechanical stress, the applications of this principle are almost unlimited. Imagine a way to make the actual energy systems more efficient, with an almost zero environmental impact, without applying big changes to structure itself. For example, a kit installed in the suspension systems of existing vehicles, which would benefit from the rebound effect of the same suspension system, the energy generated by the system would be sold to the electrical distribution system by the owner of the vehicle.The electrical distribution system will offset the energy produced by the fuel-based generators with energy collected by the potential generators (people that produce energy). The cost of energy production will be gradually reduced while maintaining the same efficiency but with less environmental impact. Once started this process, constant sources of clean energy will be established, such as Piezoelectric floor, which would be installed in places with high traffic of people (subway stations, airports, sidewalks, malls, etc), this system would benefit from the movement of people to produce energy, and systems that transform the mechanical energy of doors into electrical energy, which could be used to reduce the power consumption of buildings, places of public use, schools, etc. Basically you are making every human being a potential energy source.

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