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Joanes Toulac Jang is the Founder/Director of Planet Aid Livestock Promotion and Learning Center and an engagement, empowerment and development Strategist with over 10 years experience, pioneering and leading the conception, designing, planning, and effective implementation of projects/programs across Africa. He has developed expertise in leadership, Grants writing/project management, Reporting, Mentoring and Coaching young people.

He has served as a consultant to Plan International, National Program for Participatory Development to develop their resource mobilization plan and Council Development Plans. He has for the past 10 years raised over $2,000,000 in grants for different development projects in Africa especially in South Africa, Malawi, and Cameroon.

He is an Alumina for the Tony Elumelu Foundation TEF2019, and now coaching for the same foundation coaching African Entrepreneurs developed their entrepreneurship ideas, pitch and mobilize more funding.

I also offer coaching and development advice to help nonprofit organizations, small-size entrepreneurs, common initiative groups, and cooperatives to implement mission-aligned growth, development strategies. My role is to create partnerships aimed at promoting the social and economic development of communities in Africa. I am also involved in the formation and management of social ventures designed to employ and create business ownership opportunities for rural community residents.

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Joanes Toulac Jang