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I am passionate about property and have worked in the Industry for over 20 years. I am a skilled negotiator, A progressive thinker and A good listener.

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Always am looking for ways to better myself as well as humanity. Above all I seek solutions never problems.

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I have been a Real Estate Principal for over 20 years. I founded The Janks Propery Group Real Estate Firm in 2000 having a full compliment of 50 Agents. I am an excellent negotiator, problem solver and above all a an exceptional listener!
My best advice I can give is “No matter what field you go into alway strive to be the best in that Industry!”
I was awarded Best Agent in the Country for 2012
It is always vital for me to give back to society and my country as much as possible.
I am an activist against Gender Based and Child Abuse, I am constantly picketing for harsher laws and faster turn around time for these perpetrators to be prosecuted. My motto for this cause has become:
“It Takes A Real Man To Be A Woman Activist”

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Michael Jankelowitz